Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Apple and Brotherly Love

With school finally finished, at least for a year or so, I was able to get my camera out again. After blowing off the dust and taking a quick refresher, it all feels familiar once again. I'm looking forward to the summer, and getting my camera out more often. Wendy and I celebrated our graduation and kicked off the summer with a trip to New York and Philadelphia. These are some of the sights...

A Phillies game. I'm more of a Dodgers fan myself, but I love sports, and what better way to spend an evening in Philly than enjoying one of America's favorite pastimes. 

History. One of the oldest standing neighborhoods in downtown Philadelphia.

New York Stock Exchange

Central Park. A stroll through the park was a black and white contrast from the city that never sleeps.



Ana Lee said...

I tried to get a good pic of the Wall Street flag when I was there but yours is wayyyy better. You are so talented.

Welsch Family said...

I am lovin those pics! Cna't wait for you guys to come on Friday!

Shannon said...

You really have an amazing eye for things. These are gorgeous pictures!

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